This film was produced by Gill Holland, a successful and recognized independent local film producer (1) who was the first producer to ever have a film win 3 prizes, Hurricane Streets, at Sundance - and (2) who previously taught at the NYU film school. The story is a romantic comedy targeted at tennis buffs.


Owen Match, (played by Josh Hopkins – known for his role as Grayson Ellis opposite Courteney Cox on the TBS TV Series Cougar Town) after being fired from an affluent country club for bad behavior, is a former tennis star takes a job at a public racquet club where he leads a ragtag group of oddball pros to a showdown against a rival team of his former co-workers. The picture asks the question, "will former tennis star Owen Match reclaim his title as champ or does he discover something more important in life?” The film was shot in Louisville, KY and the city is the backdrop for this romantic comedy.

Writer:  Tim Kirkman                                              Director: James Markert

      Stars: Josh Hopkins, Guillermo Diaz, Kevin Sussman, Alexie Gilmore, and Cameron Monaghan


Festivals Entered: Woodstock Film Festival (Premiere)

Distribution Contact: Green Apple Entertainment for US